See if this chain of calls and the ratelimit remaining make any

API call                        Returned Ratelimit Remaining
Verify Credentials          188
Followers IDs                181
Direct Messages           171

The request to verify credentials established that I have 188 calls
left. Since I have been testing this is OK, my max is 350.
The request for followers returned 1 follower and Twitter reduced the
ratelimit by 7.
The request for 10 direct messages, returned ZERO, and my ratelimit is
reduced by 10.

While I was typing this note, I did not perform any API calls. Then,
to see what happens with the calls, I execute the above sequence
again, and this is what I see.

API call                        Returned Ratelimit Remaining
Verify Credentials          71
Followers IDs                52
Direct Messages           39

Now, I would have expected that my application would have had 171
remaining when I ran it again, not 71. It is also strange that it is
100 off. Then the difference between the other API calls is bigger
than the last time I ran to code.

It seems that the rate limit is a bit capricious. I understand that
Twitter says they will reduce based on load, but this is behavior is a
bit strange. This makes no sense to me. Anyone have an idea why the
rate limit would jump around so much?

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