I'm sure I read somewhere that the API limit applies to the account
and not the application?  Perhaps someone here can confirm.

In that case, if you have multiple applications registered under the
same account, it might be these other apps that are using the limit.

I once had a similar issue, turns out that it was my local client
(which I was using for monitoring the account and replying to users)
which was using the other portion of the limit.

Try disabling any other apps on the account and also shutting down any
local monitoring client etc. and see if that helps.


On Sep 13, 5:31 am, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> To answer your question: I have no idea who's using up your rate limit.
> However, I would recommend using OAuth to "sign" each request. This will
> get your application 350 (I think) API calls per hour, and that's not an
> IP-based limit.
> Tom
> On 9/12/10 10:37 AM, crystalchris wrote:
> > I constantly get the exceeding limit message when calling twitter api
> > even though I only make 2 calls in an hour. So I use rate_limit_status
> > to find out what happened. I found out that right after the reset
> > time, I would have about 68 hits remains. Fifteen minutes after that
> > all 150 hits will be used up. That leaves me only 15 minutes in an
> > hour to call the api before reaching the limit.
> > I thought that's probably I am on a shared hosting plan. If I get my
> > own dedicated IP, the problem will go away. So I change my ip from 7X.
> > 126.92.192 to 7X.126.92.194. The problem remains!! Does the limit
> > apply to the whole network? Someone help me!

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