As a developer of an application open for public use, it is a best
practice to offer your own privacy policy on your website or within
your application. At the very least, you must be clear about how you
will use your users' account data and/or take actions on their behalf.
This is mirrored in our Developer Principles within the API Terms of
Service [1]: Don't Surprise Users.

Of course, there are applications that interface with Twitter's API
without being open to public usage. Twitter's privacy policy [2]
states that public account data is distributed through the service via
the API.

Brian Sutorius
Twitter API Policy


On Sep 11, 2:54 am, Hermi <> wrote:
> The Twitter Privacy Policy says that 'developers must clearly disclose
> what they will be doing with data collected from users".
> Does anyone know how this works in practice with Twitter data?  Do I
> need to include a privacy policy on my website telling saying that I
> use personal data from Twitter users?  What if the Twitter users don't
> even know I am using their data and they never look at my website?
> If anyone knows the answer thanks!

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