I have been trying for weeks here to get this going and cant seem to
figure this out.  I am trying to create a simple PHP/MySQL image
uploader much like that of twitpic, yfrog etc etc to host my images on
my own server.  I am using the iPhone twitter app and have created a
custom end point on my server, it handles the uploads fine.  After
shooting some emails back with twitter support I was told to look into
the twitter oauth echo command to get such information like username
etc etc from that tweet.  To do so my understanding is that the iPhone
twitter app sends header information to my script. my script should
then take that header information as well as my consumer key and send
that request back to twitter.

That header that I create should include:
X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization OAuth oauth_consumer_key="...",
oauth_token="...", oauth_signature_method="...",
oauth_signature="...", oauth_timestamp="...", oauth_nonce="...",

I am sending all this information back with curl in my php script and
keep getting the following sent back to me
{"request":"/1/account/verify_credentials.json","error":"Could not
authenticate you."}

Does anyone have a working example as I am not finding any PHP code
that clearly outlines this whole statement, I cant imagine it being
that hard thats why its bothering me that it has taken this long to
figure out.

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