twitter api oauth c++ demo source code

1.2 OAuth Authentication Flow
(Please refer to the attached
"gridtwit_client_oauth_demo_src_0.1.0.tar.gz" file

1.3 Token parameter
The following token parameter description is based on the program
“gridtwit_client_oauth_demo\liboauth-0.8.9\tests\gridtwit” test
results obtained.

Code revision
liboauth-0.8.9, add File " liboauth-0.8.9\tests\gridtwit.c", and hand-
modify the file "liboauth-0.8.9\tests\, liboauth-0.8.9\tests

Test environment
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3, and free web proxy.

Test method
run the program “gridtwit_client_oauth_demo\liboauth-0.8.9\tests
\gridtwit”. If there is no the program file "gridtwit_client_oauth_demo
\liboauth-0.8.9\tests\gridtwit", can run the program files
"gridtwit_client_oauth_demo\liboauth-0.8.9\compile", then run "make
check". If there are other questions, please contact the author.

Application info
Application Name: gridtwit
Application Website:
Application Type: Client
Default Access type: Read & Write

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