Hi all,

I sent the request to get approvals from Twitter for using xAuth, and
Twitter has approved.
But I still got error as below:

m2010-09-17 16:43:25.317 me360[2189:207] m_authenticateRequest =
2010-09-17 16:43:29.349 me360[2189:207] Twitter request failed!
(4FE4401C-6976-4FA7-8957-6CB684F980AC) Error: Operation could not be
completed. (HTTP error 401.) ((null))

In code, I did as follow:
        twitterEngine = [[MGTwitterEngine alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
        [twitterEngine setConsumerKey:myConsumerKey secret:MyConsumerSecret];
        [twitterEngine getXAuthAccessTokenForUsername:_username

But I got failed. And the access token could not be reached in this
(void)accessTokenReceived:(OAToken *)token forRequest:(NSString

Did I miss something or steps? I tried many times but seem I could not
resolve this issue.
Can you give me idea? or example?

Many thanks

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