Assuming that you don't have access to the #newtwitter yet:
 * There are still backgrounds
 * The width did indeed change


On 9/19/10 7:49 PM, wrote:
> What about the width screen design? is it changing? that is important
> for the twitter background design market.
> Engel
> On Sep 15, 4:49 pm, Tom van der Woerdt <> wrote:
>> There are no changes to the API so your project should not be broken
>> (unless you are breaking Twitter's TOS).
>> Tom
>> On 9/15/10 9:56 PM, bobrik wrote:
>>> that's what I plan to talk about.
>>> I have a project that could be broken by this new feature, but may be
>>> not as well. Does there any way to test new interface outside common
>>> slow feature rollout? Maybe some form to request that for developers
>>> only?
>>> I don't think that common help request could help.
>>> What do you think in common about new interface and possibilities to
>>> get involved?

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