Hey all!

I wanted to check in with the community before writing
a...@twitter.com, just so I dont look like a fool I am hoping to pick
your brains so it seems like I am at least a little informed.

I am writing an application for android that uses the twitter geo
search api, but I am finding it to be severely crippled and throttled
to the point where it is almost unusable. I thought it was just a
temporary issue at first but it seems that I am getting consistent 503
errors when attempting to call  http://api.twitter.com/version/geo/search.json
regardless of time of day or how many requests I make (1-30 per hour).
I use OAuth for all authentication clients.

09-20 19:57:22.107:  Problem with Twitter:503:Service Unavailable: The
Twitter servers are up, but overloaded with requests. Try again later.
The search and trend methods use this to indicate when you are being
rate limited.
09-20 19:57:22.107:  {"errors":[{"code":10,"message":"Geo services are
temporarily available"}]}
09-20 19:57:22.107:  TwitterException{statusCode=503, retryAfter=0,
hourlyLimit=350, resetTimeInSeconds=1285041, secondsUntilReset=3549,
resetTime=Mon Sep 20 20:56:32 PDT 2010}}

I thought it may be rate limited but my rate limit seems to have lots
of headroom (remainingHits=347, hourlyLimit=350). Any help is
appreciated, there is no way I can move forward with my approach to
use twitter unless these APIs are not highly available.

BTW if you have an android phone and a twitter account I would love
you to participate in our private beta!


Clay Graham
Sightly Inc.

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