As far as I know, that's no problem - a lot of services do that. Just
don't make it spammy (sending more than 1 tweet per week to one user
without first getting his/her permission, etc) and allow users to
opt-out (better even would be opt-in but that wouldn't be good for your
service, right?).


On 9/21/10 8:44 AM, Goran Popovic wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a delicate question about status updates.
> Is it against the Twitter TOS to send tweet every time script finds
> another candidate?
> Let me explain more..
> Few days ago I've created a website called
> Script finds users who said that they are hot / sexy, and allows users
> to to vote.
> Every few minutes script checks for new candidates and then adds them
> to database..
> Until yesterday, when script found new user, new tweet was written to
> notify the user that he's been added..
> Something like " @username you have been added ...."
> Currently there are 50 - 100 users found each day...and i'm not sure
> if sending lets say 100 "similar" tweets each day would be considered
> spam..
> So is this considered spam? Is this against rules or is maybe some
> better way to notify users?
> This is needed because users have option to write to me and be
> deleted...
> First impressions are great and in most cases people are flattered and
> call their friends to vote for them.
> This is just an example to describe my problem.
> Thank You
> Goran Popovic

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