Hi, developers

My blog service www.liveinternet.ru (up to 1 500 000 blogs) recently
have developed the integration with twitter. Our users fix their
twitter accounts by OAuth and every message in twitter adds in their
blogs. Our account @liveinternet_ru automatically follow users'
accounts, analize it's timeline every 5 minutes and process all new

It was working great untill we reached 2000 followers limit for
@liveinternet_ru and I totally don't know what to do. Check each of
thousands accounts for updates every 5 minutes? Ok, we can
automatically follow @liveinternet_ru by every of 2000 accounts (but
it's strange and not needed by anyone), but if just one of our users
unfollow @liveinternet_ru we'll return to the same situaton.
Automatically follow every 5 minutes to reach 2000 followers? I don't
know what to do.

I belive, that Twitter is genious thing, but 2000 follower limit makes
me sad and lost. Help me?

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