The adjusted since_id to xxxxxxx due to temporary error really means
   the since_id was not specified so I went back as far as I could.
The earliest tweet is the database was 25075604044 so i used that.

For users who tweet more often this error can still occur but is less
likely. This is because the search results per page fit into the
available index and so no adjustment of since_id is required.

For less active accounts the error above occurs because search tries
to get n results per page. If there aren't n tweets in the available
index the since_id goes beyond what we have stored - so the message
above is displayed.

As for the other users not showing up when you search for them using
from:. There are many reasons for users not to show up in Search. The
most common one (and applicable to your account gena01) is there
haven't been any tweets in the last 5 days. Other reasons are
explained on our help site:

Hope that's helpful,

On Sep 21, 8:22 am, Gena01 <> wrote:
> So I've been messing with the search API and I am seeing some strange
> stuff going on.
> When I request: get
> normal results.
> If i 
> request
>  I get a
> warning: "adjusted since_id to 25075604044 due to temporary error".
> If I do "from:" instead of "to:" I also get these sort of
> discrepancies. For people like @ev I get feeds/tweets/etc for people
> not as popular I get nothing back.
> Is there something I am doing wrong or is search api broken?
> Gena01

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