As all of you know users are allowed only 1000 updates in a
day(including replies). With more than 145 million people as users
there  are going to be calls for increasing the status update limit.
So instead of increasing the limit ,Twitter can simply allow accounts
to send unlimited replies to users who have addressed the tweet  to

Suppose if I am addressing a tweet to someone say  "@Techcrunch   I
love your blog"  and suppose if Techcrunch says "@Ramanean Thank
you"   and these tweets(Replies by Techcrunch) should not be counted
as part of daily 1000 limit  for "@Techcrunch" as it's more  of a
conversation between two users rather than a status updates for

If the reply limits are increased ,this will open endless
possibilities of using Twitter for more important messages!! and more
interaction among users and it may also be a good revenue earning
opportunity for Twitter!! by exploiting this for growth in  a
completely different way!!!

This would  do wonders not only for Twitter but also for others and
incase of natural disasters also.!

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