Just a note, we fixed the problem. The ID that was not working was
created a while ago an never used until now.
We just set the tweets to be private, saved, logged out, then logged
in, set tweets to public, saved.

After that refresh of the parameters things are working. Seems it just
needed some sort of database refresh since
it was an old, inactive id.

On Sep 22, 7:35 pm, DS <goonlin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to understand which users and posts end up searchable
> with the search api and the Twitter search web page.
> I have examples of a user who has posted but his results are not
> viewable by either search api or web page.
> The tweets are visible in the users timeline and those that follow the
> user, but not in search. The user settings
> allow his tweets to be public.
> Another user works fine and has posts immediately available in all
> searches and followers.
> The settings for these two users appear to be the same.
> Any advice on how to debug and what the rules for the search
> availability of tweets.
> Thanks.
> ...Dave

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