The latest announcement mentions include_rts for /1/statuses/
user_timeline and /1/statuses/friends_timeline but not for /1/statuses/
home_timeline. Am I alone in desiring include_rts for /1/statuses/
home_timeline as well? I find the current method of blocking retweets
per user to be somewhat cumbersome, but I can understand Twitter's
rationale behind this (some people retweet interesting things while
others don't). What makes this platform great is that it can be
consumed in so many different ways by so many different types of
consumers. While a timeline-level block of retweets might be confusing
when paired with user-level block of retweets, I see value in
providing it to clients dedicated to simple reading of timelines by
users who only want to read from those he or she follows.

Thank you for your time,

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