If auto-follow back is allowed
but auto-unfollow back is not allowed,
that actually plays in favor of spammers in a big way!

Now a spammer can use the tactic to follow/wait for follow-back, then
unfollow you,
knowing that now thanks to Twitter's infinite wisdom, the
automated auto-unfollow-back services no longer exist because they
violate Twitter's rules, so no company offers this anymore.

So now if you setup an auto-follow-back feature with one of the
many free services that provide it, you are instantly becoming a
victim of bait and unfollow schemes.

I can certainly understand that automated unfollowing can hurt Twitter
business since
they work hard on making people follow more people, hey, they even
added these infomaous
(annoying sometimes, maybe?) "Who to follow" block on the Twitter
pages. It's very clear to
see that Twitter wants you to follow more people, and applying the
same logic, it's
easy to see that they really really don't want you to unfollow large
number of people.

I know Twitter developers are very smart people,
but for the love of God, don't you see that this ban on automated
benefits the spammers big time?!

I think Twitter should think of a new category of automated
unfollowing called
"auto-unfollow-back", meaning that automatically unfollowing those who
unfollowed you
should be considered a special case and should be allowed, just like
auto-follow-back is allowed!

If you agree with me, please just reply and say "Right on"!
If you disagree, then please explain why not.


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