401 is a general HTTP error code. The message is more important.

If the message is about an invalid nonce, then you should check the
timestamp. If it's about a nonce that had already been used, check the
nonce. If it's a signature error, check the code that generates the
signature and make sure to use proper URL encoding (which may be an
issue here).

It's xAuth you are using here, so also make sure that you are entering
the right password. ;-)


On Mon, 27 Sep 2010 02:31:01 -0700 (PDT), andy
<andreas-wilkeme...@andreazw.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I using xAuth for an Flash-Application. I have written in the group
> "Twitter Development Group" already several entries, as there was
> problems to use xauth. I currently have an application that works half
> way. The problem is that I sometimes get a response with a HTTP-
> StatucCode of 200 and sometimes an error with a status code of 401.
> The only difference is that a new timestamp and a new nonce
> (oauth_nonce) are calculated. Is it possible that there will be
> differences in these parameters?
> The following is an example with parameters that return a successful
> Resposnse (HTTP status code 200):
> oauth_consumer_key=myConsumerKey
> oauth_nonce=07AF3D6E65C79090E9B35274C03E4946
> oauth_signature=KnC1UxVVyqkrDsuwmBqGhiJpjQI=
> oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1
> oauth_timestamp=1285578604
> oauth_version=1.0
> x_auth_mode=client_auth
> x_auth_password=myPassword
> x_auth_username=myUsername
> And now an incorrect response with the following parameters (HTTP
> status code 401):
> oauth_consumer_key=myConsumerKey
> oauth_nonce=317780E4B140C66DD4715283B40F13DC
> oauth_signature=0Pnd/X3w8VR5+iNmpJuNeBydeec=
> oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1
> oauth_timestamp=1285579584
> oauth_version=1.0
> x_auth_mode=client_auth
> x_auth_password=myPassword
> x_auth_username=myUsername
> Thanks,
> Andy

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