Is it possible that is some user will change his twitter handle, the
older twitter handle might be alloted to some other user???

Let me explain you my problem now
I am creating an app for twitter user, very similar to twitPic. (but
not for image posting :P)
Idea is i want to store some data corresponding to every twitter user
who might join my app.

In my database i have a table e.g

Now the problem is a user can change his twitter handle on his next
visit, i might not be able to pull his data at all.
But if i will go with "ID", I have to query his screen name again from
twitter , i feel that its very messy.

So I thought that, Its ok if user will change his screen_name, He will
loose his data, I dont care!
but i am concerned that what if that screen_name will be alloted to
some other user? is that possible?

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