You can store them in a session/cookie, or simply ask them once they
return. A good way to identify the session/cookie would be to use the
temporary token which Twitter gives you on request_token.


On 9/28/10 9:30 AM, Ashi wrote:
> Hi,
> We are working on an applications using RIA clients like Flex and
> Silverlight and we have a workflow process in our application. When
> our workflow is approved/rejected we are notifying the user via
> twitter. If the user is redirected to twitter page for authentication,
> then the application will loose its state (the current form and the
> settings for the current instance of the application). Once the
> twitter is redirected after authentication to our application we are
> not able to maintain the state.
> Can anyone please sugget an approach for our scenario?
> Thanks in advance,

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