im doing the following:

    Twitterh.Key := <consumer key - hard coded>
    Twitterh.Secret := <consumer secret - hard coded>
    Twitterh.OAuth_token :=
SettingsFile.ReadString('TWITTER','TOKEN',''); //saved from when i got
the authorization from the user
    Twitterh.OAuth_token_secret :=
SettingsFile.ReadString('TWITTER','TOKENSECRET',''); //saved from when
i got the authorization from the user

after getting the authorization from the user i can do both getting
the statuses of the user and the followees but NOT updating the
after "restart" of the application, at first try i do succeed to
receive the user's statuses but not his followees' , on second try
(without restart), i can do nothing and all for the same reason: not

not sure i understood the other reply of re-hashing, hashing of what
exactly? the only place i do some "processing" is when i ask for
authorization from the user. i want it so once i have it, to not need
to re-ask it over and over again

what am i missing?

On Sep 28, 10:52 am, Tom van der Woerdt <> wrote:
> If you save those four keys, you should have everything you need to
> restore the "session".
> If this does not work for you, make sure that you save the keys
> properly. For example, you don't want to confuse oauth_token with
> oauth_consumer_key.
> Tom
> On 9/28/10 12:39 AM, eMailaya wrote:
> > Im developing a desktop application. firstly, the user needs to
> > approve my app to let it access his account, enter the PIN code and
> > retrieve his statuses and his followees' statuses, all is working
> > fine.
> > im closing my application and re-open it. now i already have his PIN
> > code so im skipping the authorization part. i put the oauth_key and
> > oauth_key_secret, the consumer_key and consumer_secret and ask for his
> > statuses, this one works but when i want to retrieve his followees
> > statuses i get "unauthorized" error. trying again causing the
> > "unauthorized" error also for his statuses. the only way to solve this
> > problem is to ask for an authorization everytime, this is annoying.
> > also, i cant update the status for the same reason/error
> > any idea what am i missing?
> > thanks

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