Correction: The endpoint is User Streams is HTTPS

On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 12:04 PM, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> User Streams
> =====
> After an uneventful beta test period, the User Streams feature of the
> Twitter Streaming API is now in regular production. As with all
> production APIs, material changes will be pre-announced and
> non-backward-compatible changes will be avoided. Developers may
> release products against the production endpoint at
> While User Streams is most useful for Desktop Clients, experimentation
> in other use cases is encouraged. Note that service integrations, such
> as websites and other server-based systems, must not open more than a
> very small number of User Streams. Instead, services must use Site
> Streams. Follow the product selection guide,
> to select the
> correct product and avoid access interruptions.
> Access to User Streams on is now unsupported,
> and the beta test endpoints will be disabled in a few days.
> Home Timelines
> =====
> Site Streams and User Streams now support the "with" parameter to
> control the delivery of home timelines. This parameter currently
> accepts two values: "users" or "followings".
> When set to "users", only messages targeted directly at a user will be
> delivered:
> * Statuses created by the user
> * @mentions and Direct Messages sent to the user
> * Retweets and favorites of the user's statuses
> * New followings by the user
> * New followers of the user
> * User's profile updates
> When set to "followings", the stream will also include:
> * Statuses and retweets created by any of the user's followings
> * @mentions from any of the user's followings, subject to the setting
> of the "replies" parameter
> Site Streams defaults to "users" while User Streams defaults to
> "followings". These differing default values may be confusing, but
> were chosen to retain backwards compatibility. We recommend that you
> explicitly set this parameter to avoid confusion and future
> compatibility problems as we refine this API.
> John Kalucki
> Mark McBride
> Cara Meverden

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