I've created a full feature app using twitteroauth PHP library found
on GitHub, and know most calls like the back of my hand.. haha.
I was looking into using the @Anywhere javascript library, and watched
the slideshow from a workshop presented by @themattharris, so I seen
how to pass the OAuth Bridge Code to a script and convert the OAuth
2.0 token to a OAuth 1.0 token.

Now, in my PHP application, I have it storing the users token and
token secret so they don't have to login each time they use my app.
(i.e., they close out of their browser, come back to my app, it takes
their user id upon other things in my system and matches them up to
the token and token secret for them in my database, and "logs them

My question: Is there any way to "login" a user with @Anywhere without
checking to see if they are logged into Twitter or having them click
the "Connect with Twitter" button every time they would go to my app?

Thanks in advance,

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