Just wanted to chime in that the documentation is, indeed, pretty
confusing. I'd suggest the description paragraph beginning with
something like:

"This parameter is only available to Firehose, Retweet, Link, Birddog
and Shadow clients."

I assume the recommended approach to not missing data on reconnects is
using two streams? Do any Ruby folk out there have suggestions on how
they're doing this? I'm currently using the voloko/twitter-stream gem.


On Sep 20, 7:51 pm, Justin <justin.carl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I found my answer elsewhere, but the wording on the wiki seems
> confusing, I'd remove count as a param if it's not usable.
> 09/20/2010 09:45:50 pm : HTTP failure 4 of 20 connecting to stream:
> HTTP ERROR 416: Requested Range Not Satisfiable
> (Parameter count not allowed in role statusDefaultFiltered). Sleeping
> for 90 seconds.
> http://dev.twitter.com/doc/post/statuses/filter
> States:
> Parameters
> Optional
> count
> Indicates the number of previous statuses to consider for delivery
> before transitioning to live stream delivery. On unfiltered streams,
> all considered statuses are delivered, so the number requested is the
> number returned. *On filtered streams, the number requested is the
> number of statuses that are applied to the filter predicate, and not
> the number of statuses returned*. Firehose, Retweet, Link, Birddog and
> Shadow clients interested in capturing all statuses should maintain a
> current estimate of the number of statuses received per second and
> note the time that the last status was received. Upon a reconnect, the
> client can then estimate the appropriate backlog to request. The count
> parameter is not allowed on other resources and the default filter
> role.
> What is the default filter role? Is there a case where count can be
> used with the filtered stream?

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