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Just wanted to chime in that the documentation is, indeed, pretty
confusing. I'd suggest the description paragraph beginning with
something like:

"This parameter is only available to Firehose, Retweet, Link, Birddog
and Shadow clients."

I assume the recommended approach to not missing data on reconnects is
using two streams? Do any Ruby folk out there have suggestions on how
they're doing this? I'm currently using the voloko/twitter-stream gem.


I'm not exactly a "Ruby folk" but I have used the gem. Underneath, IIRC, is some fairly simple EventMachine logic. The gem itself is open source - I'd think the creator could build in Twitter's recommended / required consumption protocols easily, or an EventMachine hacker could do it.

Now that User Streams is in production, I'm planning to start up some Streaming testing again, and I was planning to use that gem. Maybe "we" should open tickets for feature requests? I'll ask for a User Streams endpoint and you can ask for the connection logic. ;-)

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