I am creating private lists and then adding members with the
create_all method.

1.) Creating a list via the API is no problem. Then I post to
create_all with batches of 20-90 user ids. Only rarely have I been
able to add more than a single batch, even with a few seconds of
sleep, but occasionally it has succeeded.

2.) Viewing the result on 'old' twitter.com, 
will show a timeline (eg a batch of 20 users successfully added) and a
link, "Following: 0". On the list page itself, 
no tweets are shown, only the "Find people to add to your list:"
search box.

3.) And... I am unable to delete these lists, using either the API or
manually on Twitter.com.

Oh, and one more thing: If I try to add (via API) a list named
"mylist" twice and I already have say 12 lists, the second "mylist"
will not be called "mylist-2", but mylist-13!

Are these known issues? I am working on a project where lists are
important, so any advice will be appreciated.


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