There's no way right now to get usernames in bulk. Get the ids, then
query and get the complete info 100 at a time. You can build this for
your users over time.

Once list of friends for a user has been retrieved, the next time a
user comes, you can just get the latest set of friends and add them to
the existing records.


On Sep 30, 4:01 pm, artesea <> wrote:
> I was hoping on adding some ajax code to my web app to allow auto-
> completing of @usernames as you start typing
> eg:
> [...@jon]
> �...@jonathan
> �...@jon_smith
> �...@jonny
> I suspect I'll need to cache the names on my server, but was wondering
> if there was a quick API call to get just the usernames of the people
> you follow.
> statuses/friends gets me the username, but I also end up with more
> data than I need (bandwidth), and have to navigate in blocks of 100s
> (time).
> friends/ids looks perfect, limited info, brings back 5000 in one go,
> however I only get the ids.
> Is there a (hidden) option to get usernames instead of ids with
> friends/ ?
> Else if I have a user who is following 3000 people I will need to
> cursor through the api 30 times, just to build a cache file, by the
> time that is complete I'm sure the user will have completed the name.

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