Hi there,

I have a consumer key/secret for my app and I have access token and
secret for me, a user for this app. I am using signpost for my OAuth

        OAuthConsumer consumer = new DefaultOAuthConsumer(consumer_key,
        consumer.setTokenWithSecret(access[0], access[1]);

Now if I open


it works just fine. Of course, you don't need to be authorized to
access the timeline of some user, so this isn't a big deal. However,
when I dump the headers I see that my rate limit is 350, not 150:

        debug: X-RateLimit-Limit: 350

and before I setup the OAuth properly I always was limited to 150. So
that leads me to believe that I am authorized.

However, if I try to access


with those same credentials, I get

        Status: 401 Unauthorized

So am I authorized or am I not authorized!?

Maybe it means that I was properly identified as an application, but
that the access token/secret to not a valid user make? So it gave me
the API rate limits but not the actual authorization needed to fulfill
the request?

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