Every image you load using this method counts as 1 API request. So, yes,
that's bad.


On 9/30/10 11:48 AM, Jayawi Perera wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a page in which there is a listing of past tweets. In this
> page, I want to display the author's profile image next to the tweet.
> I've come across the following:
> http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/users/profile_image/:screen_name
> My question is, is it wrong to use this as the src within an img tag?
> I raise the above question because of the following mentioned on that
> page:
> "This method should only be used by application developers to lookup
> or check the profile image URL for a user. This method must not be
> used as the image source URL presented to users of your application."
> Thank you for your help.
> Cheers,
> Jayawi~

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