Good morning all!

Before the OAuth change, I wrote a twitter archiver that would grab my
tweets and dump them into a database.  Back then I only had about 1K
tweets so I was able to grab all my tweets without hitting the limit.
And of course since then, I don't post more than 20 tweets a day.

But today, I was curious to see if I could use the new OAuth to
retrieve my timeline, starting from my first tweet.  I can't seem to
get it.

Here are my parameters:

When I do this, it only gives me the top 200 tweets.  It doesn't start
from the beginning and give me my 200 oldest tweets, as I would

I've tried various since_id's, even retrieving my first tweet:

Which equals

And I get the same response.

According to twitter, I have 3682 tweets, just over the 3200 limit
according to
The confusing thing is that the documentation does not make it clear
that it's 3200 of the most recent tweets, or just 3200 per session.

Could I get a clarification on this?


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