Let's just show the whole script here for easier debugging...

use strict;
use Net::Twitter;
use Scalar::Util 'blessed';
use warnings;

my $wikiurl;
my $wikitxt;
my $wikckey;
my $wikcsec;
my $wikatok;
my $wikasec;
my $client;
my $tweet;

$wikiurl = $ENV{wikiurl};
$wikitxt = $ENV{wikitxt};

$wikckey = $ENV{wikckey};
$wikcsec = $ENV{wikcsec};
$wikatok = $ENV{wikatok};
$wikasec = $ENV{wikasec};

print "keys are\n";
print "$wikckey\n";
print "$wikcsec\n";
print "$wikatok\n";
print "$wikasec\n";

my $client = Net::Twitter->new(legacy => 0);

#traits => ['OAuth', 'API::REST'],
my $client = Net::Twitter->new(
    traits => [qw/OAuth API::REST/],
    consumer_key => '$wikckey',
    consumer_secret => '$wikcsec',
    access_token => '$wikatok',
    access_token_secret => '$wikasec',

#binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";

$tweet = $wikiurl." ".$wikitxt;
print "$tweet\n";

my $res = $client->update('Hello');
#my $res = $client->update({ status => $tweet });

print "Tweeted: http://twitter.com/$res-

Willem Kossen

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