* sftriman <dal...@gmail.com> [100930 13:38]:
> Well, finding your site SuperTweet.net today was a great find for me!
> So I hope it doesn't go away any time soon.  And I will be donating to
> your cause shortly.
> I updated my perl code using Net::Twitter to do oAuth - but it didn't
> work right.  That's because Net::Twitter has 12+ perl module
> dependencies,
> so I couldn't get the simplest thing to work: a status update.  The
> other
> stuff works ok, though.  And then I found SuperTweet.net, and now
> status updates are a piece of cake!
> Thanks for making the site and the service.  Much appreciated.

You might give Net::Twitter::Lite a try.  Very few dependencies and
supports the same core feature set.


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