I was wondering if any one could suggest an elegant approach to
ultimately sending direct messages to my Twitter followers from my

I'd like people that join web site to do the following:

>From their member page on my site, I'd like for them to click a
Twitter follow button, go to Twitter, follow me, then return to their
member page on my site.

After they do this, I want capture their twitter ID and associate it
with their user account on my site so I can send them direct messages
from my application.

I'd really appreciate an elegant approach to solving this.

I guess I'm looking for an answer like: "Use oAuth to have the user
authorize your app on Twitter, then redirect redirect back to your
app, click a twittter follow button, and extract their Twitter ID from
"x_file" and then........"

My days of programming are way behind me so I hope that makes some

Thanks so much.

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