The header looks fine, so I guess it's a signature error. What is your
Base String used to make the signature?


On 10/2/10 4:20 PM, eMailaya wrote:
> hi
> i deleted my app. re-created it (again as read-write) and gave myself
> an authorization to use it. now i can receive my statuses and my
> followees statuses as many times as i want, i can even get my profile
> image. all is working fine!
> now i want to update a new status. made sure my info is correct (fact
> is i can receive any info i want) and POSTed to:
>, this: status=This+status
> +is+for+rent
> with the following headers:
> Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key="<my consumer
> key>",oauth_signature_method="HMAC-
> SHA1",oauth_timestamp="1286028752",oauth_nonce="074D9949F81AE0485176287E05A1FCE7",oauth_version="1.0",oauth_token="<the
> correct oauth token, same as when receiving
> data>",oauth_signature="<oauth signature as when receiving data>"
> but guess what: i get 401 unauthorized. what am i missing?
> is something missing from the above headers?
> or maybe it's something else?
> thanks!

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