OAuth will work fine for this. Once a user authorizes your application, you store their access key/secret. Using your client's key/secret and the user's key/secret, you can sign a request to Twitter on behalf of that user.

Twitter's OAuth documentation:

sir pelidor wrote:

I have an app that needs to update its' member's twitter status as
well as status for other social-network sites in a scheduled manner.
For which I found it very difficult to implement it using oAuth or
xAuth, therefore I seek for advise from fellow developers.

Detail of the workflow:
-End users sign up my service, and will be given to opportunity to
store their twitter's access credentials.
-End users update status at my service and schedule when it will be
-End users are limited to update their status once every 6 days.
-To avoid spams, If the end user do not renewal their status after it
has been sent by my service, it will not schedule for the next
delivery (it does not allow end users to sent the same tweet as the
previous one)
-In a daily basis, the scheduler of my service will query each members
in the system who are qualified to deliver tweet in that given day.
Then it will mass update all qualifier's twitter status.

Due to how my scheduler works in the background, I believe oAuth or
xAuth may not be a proper solution to my problem.  Since Twitter API
no longer support Basic Auth, what other manners can I utilize so I
can send tweet on behave of my members?

Thank you.

Thomas Mango

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