I was rejected just now and i'm not sure why really. I read the link
they sent me and i comply with all of the requests. I have a caching
server that updates users latest tweets that puts that information in
a database. When someone visits a users profile page, i return the
cached results instead of updating on page loads. My site has over 200
users right now and i hit the limit every time my server updates the
cache and i dont know what to do now. It's pointless for me to even
have twitter as an option on my site if it wont allow my site to grow
past 150 users. Can anyone help me or give me any pointers on how to
get whitelisted? The link says to do the following:

1. Caching - which i do already.

I update a users stream once every 30 minutes and store that
information in my caching server.

2. Rate limiting by active user. If your site keeps track of many
Twitter users (for example, fetching their current status or
statistics about their Twitter usage), please consider only requesting
data for users who have recently signed in to your site.

The point of my site is to allow users to link different social
networks on their profile and send it around to friends and not have
to login to get it to update.

Any help will be appreciated.


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