When you say "if your API calls are
executed from the perspective of a member (represented by an access
token)" Do you mean require the user to pass username and password
credentials to get updates?

On Oct 4, 1:05 pm, Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com>
> There are many options with the Twitter API today. There are a number of
> streaming-based products, like the core Streaming API, User Streams, and
> Site Streams. Streaming technologies give developers alternate
> implementation paths to monitor tweets of certain users, certain keyword
> searches, and numerous other use cases.
> By using Streaming in conjunction with the REST API, the vast majority of
> developers should never require whitelisting. Further, if your API calls are
> executed from the perspective of a member (represented by an access token),
> you'll have 350 requests per hour/user for supplemental API requests.
> If your application requires more API calls than this to continue
> functioning, you may need to explore other implementation options, such as
> streaming APIs, even more aggressive caching, or more complex request
> queueing systems. Have a user that needs more than 350 requests in an hour
> to completely process for some operation in your application? Queue the rest
> of your operations for later. You essentially have 8,400 requests per day to
> make requests on behalf of a user.
> Taylor
> On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:50 AM, Theswalker <blue98cam...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I was rejected just now and i'm not sure why really. I read the link
> > they sent me and i comply with all of the requests. I have a caching
> > server that updates users latest tweets that puts that information in
> > a database. When someone visits a users profile page, i return the
> > cached results instead of updating on page loads. My site has over 200
> > users right now and i hit the limit every time my server updates the
> > cache and i dont know what to do now. It's pointless for me to even
> > have twitter as an option on my site if it wont allow my site to grow
> > past 150 users. Can anyone help me or give me any pointers on how to
> > get whitelisted? The link says to do the following:
> > 1. Caching - which i do already.
> > I update a users stream once every 30 minutes and store that
> > information in my caching server.
> > 2. Rate limiting by active user. If your site keeps track of many
> > Twitter users (for example, fetching their current status or
> > statistics about their Twitter usage), please consider only requesting
> > data for users who have recently signed in to your site.
> > The point of my site is to allow users to link different social
> > networks on their profile and send it around to friends and not have
> > to login to get it to update.
> > Any help will be appreciated.
> > Thanks
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