Hi folks,

Our service has been down for over 3 days now due to broken API calls.

Still waiting on any information from Twitter about what's going on,
but still in the dark.

About 3 days ago we started receiving messages (incorrectly in the new
error structure) saying "Over the limit for this type of request,
please wait a while and try again" with error code 33 when calling
friendships/destroy. According to the API docs, this call is not rate
limited http://dev.twitter.com/doc/post/friendships/destroy All our
API requests are authenticated with the requesting user.

This happens after about 100 calls. It makes our app completely
unusable. I'm guessing it's a bug, but after 3 days I'm wondering if
anyone else is seeing this problem. As the errors are returned in the
new error structure they didn't appear in our logs at first, so you
might be experiencing this problem and not noticing. The new error
structure returns a set of error messages under "errors" instead of
just a string under "error".


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