Hi folks,

Can someone please share the caching expiration plan for newtwitter?
It seems to cache new content for a really, really long time (at least
12 hours, though I think this number is falling).

A few of our apps will regularly destroy some of their past tweets.
Users with oldtwitter will not see said tweet if they haven't had it
in their stream, and if it is in their stream, will lose it in their
first refresh or authentication cycle.  This is our expected behavior.

Users with newtwitter will see those tweets, even after they have been
destroyed.  Even if they didn't have an active session during the time
of their creation / destruction.

You can manually flush your home timeline's cache by leaving the
preview to return to oldtwitter.  If you then go back to newtwitter,
they stay gone.  Signing out / signing back in to newtwitter and
destroyed tweets are still there.

What are the new caching expiration values?  Are there plans to
decrease them?  Is there a goal min/max that we can expect?  Is what
I've described expected behavior?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks much,

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