Why would you want to generate a link that would only work for you? Just
accept that it will not work and you'll be fine ;-)


On 10/6/10 10:29 PM, Olivier K wrote:
> Hi, I'm currently testing the tweet button for our website. When I
> test the button locally and want to share a link in the form of
> 'http://localhost:8080/somepath/image.jpg' its says that the 'url'
> param is invalid. But when I test it on a 'real' server (like
> example.com) the button does work.
> The data-url attribures are dynamically generated, which means if the
> file was on 'example.com' instead of 'localhost' the link would be
> 'http://example.com/somepath/image.jpg'
> Can anyone confirm that share does not work with 'localhost' as data-
> url?
> Thanks,
> Olivier.

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