I apologize, I was actually saying that you should specify both the source and the target. It was my understanding you needed both, but it looks like when you make an authenticated request (like you do with twurl), you can specify just the target.

With that said, I was able to use twurl and specify only the target and get it to work:

twurl "/friendships/show.xml?target_screen_name=Alternate1985"

This used my authenticated user, @tsmango, as the source and gave me the proper response. Is that what your twurl call looked like?

Also, if you don't quote the query, you'll have problems with multiple parameters:

This one works:
twurl "/friendships/show.xml?source_screen_name=samvermette&target_screen_name=Alternate1985"

But this one fails with the error you were receiving:
twurl /friendships/show.xml?source_screen_name=samvermette&target_screen_name=Alternate1985

Hope that helps and sorry again for the confusion about needed to specify the source.

Joe Rattz wrote:
That doesn't work either:

   <error>Target user not specified.</error>

That's right from Twurl despite the fact that I provided both the
source_screen_name and target_screen_name.

Besides, why shouldn't the other two methods work?  They are
documented methods.

On Oct 7, 7:09 pm, Thomas Mango<tsma...@gmail.com>  wrote:
You should be providing both the source and a target user to the
/friendships/show method.

You can use source_id&  target_id or source_screen_name&
target_screen_name with /friendships/show.

Here's the API documentation:http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/friendships/show

Joe Rattz wrote:
I would like to determine if my registered application's user is
following another user.
First I tried friendships/show with a target_screen_name = "someuser"
and get this error:
    <error>Target user not specified.</error>
Then I tried friendships/show with user_a = "myusername" and user_b =
"someuser" and get this error:
    <error>Two user ids or screen_names must be supplied.</error>
I would prefer to use the show method and without having to specify my
application's user's username.
These are both using the Twulr Console.  What am I missing?
Thomas Mango
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Thomas Mango

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