Search API with location restriction (geocode parameter) used to
search through tweets that were geotagged and also tweets that were
tweeted by user who had set her location in profile settings.
Seems that currently search API, when both geocode and and q
parameters are set, only goes through the geotagged tweets. Although
seems that when only geocode is set, tweets are included by user'
location field as well.
I was told (by @twitterapi) that this is temporary situation to be
fixed soon.

1) Can anyone suggest when will it probably be fixed? is there
alternative solution until then?
2) I would like to try out Streams API' filter method, but it is
states that this only goes through geotagged tweets. Is there any
workaround to make frequent location specific searches through
geotagged tweets and also the ones that are not geotagged?

Thank you in advance,


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