Hello All,

I am currently developing an app in actionscript. I have followed a
sample code written by the guys from swfjunkie (
)  which works great. It does pinless authentication. The way the
sample code works is very simple: it opens a web view with the login
of twitter and when you enter your credentials you get back in the
console the authorization token and secret.

Now here is the problem. I copied some of that code in my own app.The
glitch is that when i use my own credentials (ie: my consumer key and
secret) instead of opening the web view with the twitter login page i
get a popup window asking for credentials to access the twitter API
area. I can enter anything in there it just pops it back up.

So my second test was to simply replace the consumer key and secret by
the ones in the swfjunkie code (ie the one given to the guys when they
registered their little sample app) and hey presto it works fine !

What is going on ? Why does my consumer key and secret generate a
popup window but the one from the swfjunkie guys works great in the
EXACT same code?

I insist on the fact that the only variable changed in both tests is
the consumer key and secret!

Thanks for your help!

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