Thanks for your reply.

I'm definitely using the correct API paths, I've checked that more
times than I'd care to count.

For example:

I'm using that to call a (non protected) user's tweet timeline, along
with their user name or ID. That method doesn't require
authentication, so it should be limited by IP address.

A check against this:

Returns 150/150, and gradually depletes as the API calls are fired
against the user_timeline.json method.

Neither of those two methods require oAuth if I'm not mistaken, and
are wholly IP address dependent.

I've confirmed with Sutorius that my IP is properly white listed for
the @tweetcepts account.

What should I try next?

On Oct 8, 10:18 am, Taylor Singletary <>
> There are definitely some issues with how rate limiting and authentication
> are interpreted between resources that do not require authentication and
> resources that do. We're looking into the full breadth of those issues and
> considering solutions. We don't know in all ways yet how these issues might
> express themselves.
> Have you confirmed that you're using the correct API paths in all of your
> operations? No legacy API paths whatsoever? (All Twitter REST API URLs
> should go to{resource_path} - All Search API URLs
> should go to Using any other path
> constructs are known to cause a number of issues.
> Next, verify that the oauth_tokens and oauth_token_secrets you are using to
> authenticate belongs to the tweetcepts and twit411 accounts. And that the
> API methods you are accessing are methods that require authentication. If
> they are methods that don't require authentication, there are cases where
> your OAuth credentials will not be considered when calculating rate limits
> but instead your IP address alone. Right now there is no work around for
> this, it'll just have to be tolerated until we can fix the filtering path.
> Thanks,
> Taylor
> On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 3:30 AM, Tweetcepts <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've had a white listed Twitter account for about eight or nine months
> > now. About two months about both the white listing on my service
> > @tweetcepts and a smaller service @twit411 both simultaneously stopped
> > working. I'm told by Twitter that both white listings are still
> > active. I made no changes to my server nor the IP addresses related to
> > the white listings. I also have not been notified of any ban or
> > violation that would result in the loss of a white listing, nor have
> > any requests been made to adjust my applications and so on and so
> > forth.
> > Both accounts properly print out that they're rate limited at 150 API
> > calls per hour, and I can watch those counts drop in real time as
> > users deplete them. I've tested the API about a zillion ways to make
> > sure it's nothing on my server causing the problem. I'm able to
> > successfully use every normal aspect of the API, and it all works
> > right at the 150 rate limit I'm currently seeing. Prior to the
> > magically disappearing white listing I was using about 10,000 API
> > calls per hour on each account (at the time that was out of an
> > available 20,000).
> > I've been trying for two months to get someone at Twitter to help me
> > figure out what's going on. I've been building web apps since 1995,
> > I've built about 40 or 50 web businesses in that time. I'm almost 100%
> > certain the issue is not on my end.
> > Any other developers out there have any input on the matter or
> > suggestions?
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