Any update on this? It is still an issue.

On Oct 7, 9:46 pm, Siim Saarlo <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Search API with location restriction (geocode parameter) used to
> search through tweets that were geotagged and also tweets that were
> tweeted by user who had set her location in profile settings.
> Seems that currently search API, when both geocode and and q
> parameters are set, only goes through the geotagged tweets. Although
> seems that when only geocode is set, tweets are included by user'
> location field as well.
> I was told (by @twitterapi) that this is temporary situation to be
> fixed soon.
> 1) Can anyone suggest when will it probably be fixed? is there
> alternative solution until then?
> 2) I would like to try out Streams API' filter method, but it is
> states that this only goes through geotagged tweets. Is there any
> workaround to make frequent location specific searches through
> geotagged tweets and also the ones that are not geotagged?
> Thank you in advance,
> siim

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