I have noticed this and actually posted about it on 10/5 (Subject:
status destroy / caching in NewTwitter).  I was planning on making a
bit of noise tomorrow to see if there were any updates.

Sorry I don't have more to add (except lots of data about what's
actually happening).


On Oct 10, 4:06 am, CWorster <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I start noticing this issue 3-4 days ago. The deleted tweets
> disappeared after several hours (up to 12 h). Today there's a deleted
> status (26830561229) that still show up in 'statuses/home_timeline'
> after 22 hours.
> 'statuses/show' on that Id gives a correct: "Not Found: The URI
> requested is invalid or the resource requested, such as a user, does
> not exists." Also in ''statuses/user_timeline'' the tweets disappear
> immediately after deletion.
> It seems only 'statuses/home_timeline' does that extreme caching.
> Anybody else noticing this?
> Thanks
> Christian

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