I can successfully post a Status Tweet, with a Lat/Long location. That
shows typically as the message followed by "from here" link.

However I already have the full title and address details of the
location, and would like to be able to post that as well, so that the
message shown on Twitter would be more like "from Savoy Ballroom,
London, UK" or similar. I do not need, or want, Twitter to do the
reverse-geocoding for me!

I am stuck as to how to do this; I believe that I need to "create" a
place_id, which I first thought was just a placename text string, but
it seems to be a unique reference id.

I now believe that I will have to:

1) Request Twitter to reverse geocode the Lat/Long.

2) Search the returned list for a best match with my own data (title,
town etc).

Please clarify if there is an easier way!

(I am using Twitterizer2 as my library)

John Walton

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