Hey Ryan,

The link that Matt Harris pointed to states:
"...parameters such as max_id and since_id will work as
expected...things like counting Tweets by subtracting status IDs will
not be possible."

So, on the one hand it seems like you'll be able to continue without
modification ... but on the other hand, it seems like you will have to
modify your methods - specifically, the "minus one to stop the same
tweet appearing" part.

I'm guessing that you'll have to slightly modify your code to not use
a 'less one' approach, but hopefully someone else can give you a more
solid answer.


On Oct 12, 4:51 am, artesea <ryancul...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Quick question, for the timeline I've been using max_id=123456789 as a
> method of paging backwards instead of page=2. This stops the last few
> tweets from the previous page appearing at the top as more people
> tweet.
> So if the last tweet on the current page has an ID of 123456790, I
> make a request for max_id=123456789 (minus one to stop the same tweet
> appearing).
> However if the tweets will no longer be directly incremental, will
> this method still work or could the odd tweet disappear (I assume they
> would need to be posted at the same millisecond, but it could be
> possible)?
> Thanks
> Ryan
> On Oct 12, 7:03 am, Matt Harris <thematthar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> > Just a quick reminder that Snowflake (the new way we will generate
> > Status IDs) is scheduled to go live at 10am PDT/5pm UTC Tuesday 12th
> > October 2010 - today for many of you and tomorrow for those of you who
> > are on PDT. We'll send a Tweet on @twitterapi as a reminder just
> > before we do this, and another after Snowflake is enabled.
> > The original announcement along with more information can be found in
> > our Announcements archive:
> >  http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-api-announce/browse_thread/thr...
> > Best,
> > @themattharris
> > Developer Advocate, Twitterhttp://twitter.com/themattharris

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