I too have looked at the streaming API for our use but the
restrictions of single keywords has stopped us from implementing it.

We are also having issues in the other thread related to this issue
and almost 0 data for some of our geolocated search terms.


On Oct 12, 8:04 am, "@IDisposable" <idisposa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > From that thread ticket 1930 was filed on our issue tracker which we
> > will update when a fix is deployed:
> >    http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=1930
> Excellent, I hope it gets fixed while there is still time to back-fill
> some of this data,,,otherwise we're going to have a silly-looking hole
> in the next State of Twitter in St. Louis report :)
> > I understand your reasons for the location tracking using the Search
> > API but wondered if you knew that the mentions search you are doing
> > can be carried out on using the Streaming API filter method. That
> > should cut down on the number or REST queries you need to make. More
> > information on that method is here:
> >    http://dev.twitter.com/pages/streaming_api_methods#statuses-filter
> Yes, I really need to switch to streaming for that... I just haven't
> had he bandwidth as of yet... we are using a Search (nee Summize)
> based infrastructure from a long while back and me being the "one guy
> in the room", I've not had a chance to really skim through and update
> our stuff for streaming.
> > Out of curiosity what is the third column of your figures represent?
> > It may be possible to track that one using the Streaming API as well.
> We do about 68 searches (mostly hashtags, a couple keyword or user
> searches--for legacy/coverage guarantees) and 64 timeline follows
> (mostly lists, one hometimel).  Each of these sources applies a
> "label" based on the source of incoming data (which search/timeline)
> for our various categories (seehttp://stltweets.comand click the
> category menus e.g. Blues).  For ALL of these searches, we also apply
> a top-level category (e.g. Sports) and finally ALL of the tweets get a
> label of "Everything" for ease of seperating various sub-sites.  Thus,
> the "Everything" column in my numbers is the overall volume of tweets
> from all sources.
> SO, am I to assume that the geocode search bug, once fixed, will go
> back to returning the tweets from people whose _profile location_
> reads something "near St. Louis" like before?
> Thanks,
> Marc

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