This was the description given at the FAQ of twitter application

Prepare long-term storage for access tokens and secrets

"Whatever your storage system may be, you'll need to begin storing an
oauth_token and oauth_token_secret (collectively, an "access token")
for each user of your application. The oauth_token_secret should be
stored securely. Remember, you'll be accessing these values for every
authenticated request your application makes to the Twitter API, so
store them in a way that will scale to your user base. When you're
using OAuth, you should no longer be storing passwords for any of your

I registered my application with the Twitter Apps and got all the
required and confidential details from it. But, the authorization
process does not work properly. It works perfectly at the first time
but not works as defined above by storing the oauth_token and
oauth_token_secret for later purposes. If we form the URL with the
oauth_token and oauth_token_secret. The system throws the excpetion as
"Unauthorized" and requires to follow all the steps to get the
authorization again and again.

May I know the right steps to avoid the authorization process for
every time we try to communicate with Twitter?

Thanking You

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