I used twitcurl lib.

and operate almost well.

but, The error occurs, when I use Direct Message.

The lower part is the source.

===================== source begin =====================
 // direct_message
 char DirectMsg[1024];
 memset( DirectMsg, 0, 1024 );

 printf( "\nEnter a new direct message: " );
 gets( DirectMsg );
 tmpStr = DirectMsg;

 char receiveUser[1024];
 memset(receiveUser, 0, 1024);

 printf( "\nEnter a receive user: " );
 gets( receiveUser );
 tmpStr1 = receiveUser;

 if( twitterObj.directMessageSend(tmpStr1, tmpStr, false) )
       twitterObj.getLastWebResponse( replyMsg );
       printf( "\ntwitterClient:: twitCurl::directMessageSend web
response:\n%s\n", replyMsg.c_str() );
       twitterObj.getLastCurlError( replyMsg );
       printf( "\ntwitterClient:: twitCurl::directMessageSend error:\n
%s\n", replyMsg.c_str() );
===================== source end =====================

error messgae : <error>Incorrect signature</error>

How do I fix the source?

Please let me know the solution.

Thank You.

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